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Motul 4T ATV-UTV Engine Oil 105878 1 Liter

Motul 4T ATV-UTV Engine Oil 105878 1 Liter

  • Brand: MOTUL
  • Manufacturer's Part Number:105878
  • Part Type: Motor Oil
  • Product Line: Motul 4T ATV-UTV Engine Oil
  • Oil Type: Mineral
  • Oil Weight:10W40
  • Oil Volume:1 liter
  • ZDDP Enhanced: No

Motul 4T ATV-UTV engine oil is a mineral-based lubricant suited to all 4-stroke ATV, VTT, and Quad engines with integrated or separated gearbox, for leisure or professional use. The formula is reinforced with extreme pressure additives for gearbox protection and high lubricating properties—which helps decrease friction and wear, extending the life of the engine.

Additional features and benefits:

  • Particularly suitable for wet clutches
  • High detergent and dispersive properties
  • Anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion, anti-foam properties
  • JASO MA standard guarantees perfect working of wet clutch and gearbox durability
  • API SL/SJ standards