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Camso Challenger Mountain Track 16" X 154" - 2.313" Part # 9065M

Camso Challenger Mountain Track 16" X 154" - 2.313" Part # 9065M

Proven powder performance for a wide range of mountain snow conditions; benchmark or mountain tracks

Allows you to unleash the potential of your sled and take the most challenging of rides

Camoplast mountain tracks provide the performance to see the highest Highmark, the acceleration to nail the perfect cornice jump, and the traction to put you over the top

Camoplast offers a wide range of sizes (121in. to 174in.), three different track profiles with 2in. to 2.50in. lug heights in standard 2.5in. drive pitch and now 3in. drive pitch to suit any type of riding and rider

NOTE: Not all tracks can be installed on all sleds without modification. To determine if an optional track is compatible with a particular snowmobile, you must check the bulkhead, tunnel, heat exchanger, and suspension wheel positioning for proper clearance. It is your responsibility to verify that there is adequate clearance for an optional track. Camoplast will not be held liable for accidents or injuries resulting from the use of their tracks.