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Bridgestone 190/55ZR17M/C Rear Tire Battlax Racing Street RS11

Bridgestone 190/55ZR17M/C Rear Tire Battlax Racing Street RS11

  • Enhance the ride of your literbike with Bridgestone's flagship sport tire.
  • The Battlax Racing Street RS11 is built with technology derived from the highest levels of racing.
  • Whether you are chasing lap times, or riding your favorite winding road, enjoy Bridgestone's most aggressive street sport tire.
  • Increased cornering grip and stability, with improved rider feedback.
  • The RS11 is the first road-oriented tire that has adopted the new V-MS-Belt construction in the rear which is currently used in Bridgestone's highest performing race tires which significantly improves the contact area with the road surface, enhancing cornering grip.*
  • A new molecular approach of fine carbon particles in terms of compounding has improved the bite to the road surface and enhanced the grip characteristics of the compound itself.*
  • New 3LC compounds on the front and rear create greater grip, increased cornering stability, and improved rider feedback.
  • No sacrifice to straight line stability.*
  • Groove pattern inspired by the BATTLAX Racing R11: Design adaptations make it an incredibly capable track tire, while still maintaining street tire performance.
  • Increased wet performance: Enhanced water dispersion due to new groove design.*
  • 1.9 seconds faster per 2 minute lap.*
  • Sizing for modern liter bikes.
  • DOT Approved (No warmers needed).

*Disclaimer: Comparison based on Battlax Racing Street RS11 tire versus Battlax Racing Street RS10 tire from internal testing. Results may vary.