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2009-2012 Honda CRF450R Psychic Cylinder Kit STD 96MM MX-09171K

2009-2012 Honda CRF450R Psychic Cylinder Kit STD 96MM  MX-09171K

When needing to rebuild your engine or simply wanting to increase your engine's performance and horse-power psychic has the answer. Choose the cylinder alone or a complete kit with a hand-matched Namura Piston and Top End Gasket Kit.

Cylinders - Brand New And Designed strictly off of OEM Specifications. Cast form AB4C Aluminum with Nikasil plated sleeves. This allows our cylinders are a simple drop-in install with no case modifications necessary.

Pistons - From Namura Technologies these pistons come with some of the most innovative features out there including MOS2 coated skits, for excellent break-in qualities and reduced friction, machined smoothed heads for better flow rates, and reduced carbon buildup, and finished with hard anodized piston domes for increased durability. All pistons include wrist pin, circlips, and OEM quality rings

Gasket Kit - Also from Namura Technologies, Top End Gasket Kits will offer all components needed to rebuild your top end. This includes Head Gasket, Base Gasket, Exhaust Gasket, Intake/Carb Gasket, all associated O-Rings, and Valve Stem Seals for your 4-Stroke.