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2005-2008 T.M. EN 300 (2T) REAR SINTERED BRAKE PADS FA367

2005-2008 T.M. EN 300 (2T) REAR SINTERED BRAKE PADS FA367
Brake Pad of choice for SRT sponsored AMA Machines

  • Brake pads in sintered compound
  • Made of a ceramic-sintered metal compound
  • Designed for maximum braking power with minimal fade
  • Consistent braking at high temperatures
  • Hard composite pads are extremely long lasting
  • Recommended as OE replacement
  • Reduced dust residue on wheels
  • Quiet progressive strong braking performance 
  • Designed for both wet and dry applications
  • Brakes are of top quality and performance, resulting in an improvement from OE brake pads
  • NO asbestos and NON-aggressive friction materials for minimal rotor abrasion

SINTERED BRAKE PADS are far superior than organic or Kevlar providing greater stopping power and durability as well as no brake fade when operating at higher temperatures